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La Mère Luxe - Cognac
La Mère Luxe - Cognac
La Mère Luxe - Cognac
La Mère Luxe - Cognac
La Mère Luxe - Cognac
La Mère Luxe - Cognac
La Mère Luxe - Cognac
La Mère Luxe - Cognac
La Mère Luxe - Cognac
La Mère Luxe - Cognac
La Mère Luxe - Cognac

La Mère Luxe - Cognac

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Cognac is more of a reddish brown than our camel and chestnut colors.  It is two-toned and has gorgeous dimension in its color.  Truly, a staple that will last through the seasons.  Check out our lookbook here!

We love the leather we use because it will break in and look beautiful with age. Please note: because leather is a natural material, there will be subtle variations in color and texture with each bag.  Please be aware that leather will wear over time. All leather products require periodic care.  We recommend you regularly treat your bag with a high quality, alcohol-free leather cleaner or conditioner to maintain the leather and color on your bag.  We recommend taking your bag to a leather specialist for professional cleaning. 

We spent a lot of time and money investigating different leather options for this bag. Did we want something smooth and shiny? Pebbled and perfect? Flawless or rugged? Stiff and sleek, soft and slouchy? It took a lot of trial and error, but eventually it became clear. The beauty of leather is that no two hides are the same, just as no two individuals are the same either.

We wanted our leather to reflect the authenticity of it’s owner. So we selected a leather that will tell a unique story — your story. We wanted this bag to grow in character and vintage beauty with every score and scuff. We wanted it to hold the history of your playdate at the park, your girls’ night out, your date night at the movies, your trip into the city or your stroll through the Farmer’s Market. Like many things in life, our soft, buttery leather only gets better with age.

This bag was designed to be your companion throughout the coming years. This is not something you will tire of by next season, so if you are looking for the next trend or cheap fast fashion, please look elsewhere.

With careful selection of the most premium materials, from top grain leather down to YKK zippers, no quality was spared when designing this bag. 

Are you unfamiliar with all the different types of leather? Are you thinking, isn’t all leather the same? Don’t worry, we were in the same boat not too long ago. We’ve outlined some leather basics below in Leather Quality 101 so that you can understand where our leather stacks up against others on the market.

If you still have questions about whether this bag is for you after reviewing the product details, drop us a line here. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have! We know this bag will help “make every day rosy” as you take it with you on life’s daily adventures.


Product Description

Five outside pockets:

  • Two slanted side pockets with added depth for wide bottles
  • Two front pockets; magnetic slip and zipper pocket
  • Back slip pocket for i.e. magazines or changing mats

Six inside pockets:

  • Zipper pocket against back wall for small items
  • Padded, magnetic-closure tablet pocket ; can double as a divider and a wet bag to store soiled items  
  • Two mesh pockets; prevent trapped moisture, and provide visibility into pocket interior
  • Two nylon pockets; one big and one small for extra organization


  • Top Grain Leather (see below for Leather Quality 101)
  • Leather grab handle
  • YKK zippers
  • Antique brass hardware
  • Two-way top zipper
  • Leather tassel zipper pulls
  • Padded leather straps with belt closure; up to 27" length
  • Detachable backpack strap bottoms; can be tucked into back pocket when not in use
  • Leather-trimmed messenger strap; 50" at longest length
  • Water-resistant, wipeable nylon lining
  • Long strap key fob; can hang outside bag for easy access
  • Metal feet for protection from sullied surfaces

Additional Product Details

  • Size: 13.5 in X 11 in X 6 in
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Storage capacity: 15 L

Ethically and responsibly handmade

Leather Quality 101

Full Grain
The highest quality of leather. The full hide, it includes the grain, top and lower layers. Full grain is the most expensive. This leather retains its inherent toughness because there is no splitting or sanding. It is very thick and hard. It works well for horse saddles, shoes, or other items that will take a lot of beating. Many companies claim to use full-grain leather for their products, but they are really top grain leather. Working with this leather is challenging because of its lack of pliability, which is why full grain leather is not suitable for our bag’s design.

Top Grain (our leather)
The next highest tier of quality. The bottom of the hide has been stripped away and smoothed of imperfections.  Within top grain leathers, there are several quality tiers. One example of top grain is called "lychee" grain, it is embossed with a pattern, and used by many designer brands, yet it is still less expensive and lower quality than the leather we selected. Our leather is the highest quality of top grain leather.  Just below that of full grain.  

Corrected or Split Grain
Often called “genuine” or “natural” leather by companies that want the premium leather brand for their products so they can demand a higher price tag. This is leather after the top grain layer has been stripped away. Usually, the top has been sanded and spray painted and embossed with a leather-like pattern to resemble a natural appearance.  It sometimes has a layer of polyurethane on the top that is painted on the top to make it appear like full or top grain leathers. It is low quality and will eventually crack and fall apart.

Bonded leather is the scraps of the hide.  It includes dust and shavings.  This is ground up scraps of leather, held together with glue and reinforced with a layer of polyurethane on top. It is the lowest quality of leather. Polyurethane, vegan leather or faux leather are higher quality and stronger than bonded leather.