Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do you have a packing video?

Yes! In case you haven't already, watch the packing video above to see what can fit in the bag. You will be amazed at how much can fit when you have the right pockets to organize everything.

If after watching you are still dying to know if all your things will fit, send us an email with all of the items you need to carry and we will send back a picture of the bag packed as close to your description as possible!

How can I be notified when you're back in stock?

Join our mailing list at the bottom of our home page!  We email our subscribers with the exact restock date and time so that you can be the first to know.

Are you going to be releasing new colors?

We are always looking for suggestions.  If you don't see a color you love, please let us know!

Are the straps detachable?

The shoulder straps are detachable at the base of the strap, which can be tucked into the back pocket.

What does it look like completely filled, including side pockets with one regular bottle?

This one is best answered visually, so we answered this one (along with a lot of other ones) in the above video. Make sure to watch it and follow our Facebook Page for more videos like this one.

Does the side pocket fit most sippy cups? What about wide bottles?

Yes and yes. We even fit a large can of stewed tomatoes. Don't believe us? You'll have to see for yourself in the above video.

How does the bag look when most empty? Does it sag?

The bag is built with a reinforced top loader material to help reduce sagging. Take a look for yourself in the above video.

Is the bag wipeable?

Absolutely! The bag is faux-leather so it wipes clean.  The inside is also lined with a thin faux-leather lining material that feels high end, and is very stain resistant, waterproof and wipeable. We surveyed hundreds of faux leather patterns and chose one with the closest aesthetic to beautiful, real leather, but still with the durability and functionality you need when carrying milk, snacks and other dangerously messy items. In the above video, we show you the before and after of a large mushy OREO spill on the bag.

Does it stand up on its own?

Yes, it stands up tall and proud.  It has the look and feel of a soft leather backpack, but with just enough structure to hold its shape so that you don't have to. We think its pretty magical (and convenient). We show it in action in the video above - go check it out!

Can a tablet or kindle fit into the magnetic pocket? What about a laptop?

Tablets and kindles slide in very easily. Our 13.5" Macbook Pro fits as well. We caution using the backpack to carry a laptop without a protective case as the magnetic pockets do not have padded lining. To see this in action, check out the above video.

How many diapers can fit in the inside pockets? What about a full package of wipes?

The inside pockets can easily fit a lot of diapers, as well as a full package of wipes. We show this in action in the above video.

What all can fit inside? Can it fit all I need for a toddler and a baby?

There is plenty of room for everything you would need for a toddler and a baby. We have been using our bags for months for our three-year-old and one-year-old and usually have lots of room to spare in the bag. In the above video, we do show you what packing the bag is like for two, along with a few pro tips. Go check it out!

Are the zippers sharp?

The zippers are made of metal in order to support the high quality faux leather bag. It is no different than any other normal metal zipper.

Does it work as a school/work backpack or camera bag?

Absolutely. We have customers in all stages of life, some young moms with one child, some moms with five kids, some working women, some photographers, some high school and university students, some grandmas, and many more. This bag is for all women; with or without kids.

Does the bag clip on to a stroller handle?

The D-rings work nicely for hooking on to stroller hooks. While we do not sell stroller hooks (yet), they are very easy to find.

What are the differences between La Mère and La Petite Mère (previously La Femme)?

  • The bags are different sizes, with La Mère being bigger than the La Petite Mère.  La Mère is 13.5” x 11”x 6”. La Femme is 13.5” x 10” x 5.5”.
  • La Mère has brushed gold (Camel) or gunmetal (Black and Stone) hardware. La Petite Mère has antique brass (Chestnut) hardware.
  • La Mère has D rings and a detachable messenger strap. La Petite Mère is strictly a backpack.
  • La Mère straps are nylon webbing, with a partial faux leather overlay. La Petite Mère straps are completely faux leather.
  • La Mère inside tablet pocket has a magnet to secure shut. La Petite Mère is a narrower bag and therefore does not need a magnet on the tablet pocket.  (However, both bags have a magnet on the outside front slip pocket).
  • La Mère (Stone and Camel) zipper pulls are faux leather.  La Petite Mère zipper pulls are metal.

Still have questions?

We'd love to hear from you. We can even put you in touch with other customers if you'd like. Visit the Contact Us page and shoot us a note!