Our Story

I was driven to design this bag because I couldn't find what I was looking for on the market.  After my second was born, I was in the market for a diaper bag.  I knew I wanted something neutral and discreet; a leather backpack, but I couldn't justify spending money on any of the bags out there that were missing such vital elements.  My husband said to me one night as I was scouring bags on the internet, "why don't you just design your own?"  I scoffed, I had not even a remote background in design.  Yet, the idea was... intriguing.  

It started with some very crude sketches and a lot of googling, and the idea grew from there.  After months of prototyping and gathering customer feedback, I've designed a bag that I hope can provide a new aesthetic for modern women and mothers who like clean lines and strong geometric shapes.  This is an angular, contemporary bag that women can feel neat and strong while they wear it.  With luxurious quality, its understated design and sleek size won't be flashy glitz and glam.  It will lend a quiet elegance. An "au naturel" sophistication.  I believe the most charming beauty is effortless, clean, and simple.  Incredibly subtle.  After all, this is a bag for the Minimalist.